Gaming is like a relationship

The Game DSC_7739

The Game

With the release of the recent Starcraft 2 Beta, I reflected on the term “Gamer”.
“Gamer – A person who plays games, particularly video games; Comparative form of game: more game”

A True Gamer will treat a game like a relationship.

Stage 1 – “The Crush” – You are slowly falling madly and deeply in love.

You just heard news that this new game is in development. This is the game you’ve been waiting for all of your life. You read every and all articles regarding this upcoming game. You even take the time to search for leaked video and pictures relating to this new release.

Stage 2 – “Obsessive Love” – The relationship starts and you’re madly in love; you would do anything. The world consists only of you two.

The game is out (or in Beta) and you are in LOVE. Food and water are no longer necessary for daily life. The game is your life. You will play the game 24/7. Somehow the term “sleep ” slips out of your vocabulary.

Stage 3 – “The  Enlightenment” – You rediscover that the world actually has others. It’s not just the two of you.

You’ve played the game hours on end. Sleep deprived and possibly malnourished, you realize that there are such things as food, water, and sunlight. Your 24/7 gaming days are coming to an end. You feel slightly sleepy and hungry. You realize that 24/7 gaming days are probably not healthy nor sustainable.

Stage 4 – “The Lasting Relationship” – You know that you still love each other and strive to redefine and better your relationship.

All the time you spent on the game, you realize, are now just past memories. What is left of your time now is moving forward together. You both shared good and bad times, wins and losses. You’ll never forget the first time you saw the coolest unit in the game. You strive to make time and finally balance your life.


In my quest in search of a Starcraft 2 Beta Key, I have encountered several leads. Like many, I have waited over a full decade to play this game. I am in no hurry to rush and buy a key, but I felt it was a good time to reflect on my encounters with gaming.

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